Threaded Rebar Bolts

These are alternatives to anchor securing of structures like structural steel, towers and other foundational uses. They mostly come in ASTM A615 grade 75 rebar with a strength giving them a minimum yield of 75 Ksi. Also going by the name jumbo rebar, they come in two standard diameters; 18J which has a 2-1/4” diameter and the 14J that has a 1-3/4” diameter.

Hook-Bolt-RoundThe round bend/hook bolts

We provide these bolts at a diameter within the range of half an inch to one a half inches and compliance to any ASTM specification you might think of. In addition to this, we carry out all the preparation procedures, including the plain surface finish or hot dip galvanization in house to ensure that no step in production compromises with the quality of the hook bolts delivered to your doorstep.

Square Bolts 

Before the birth of the six sided bolts, fondly referred to as hex bolts, square bolts where the in thing. Though the reign of this square-headed bolts is on the verge of crumbling, they still find use in constructions that want to achieve and aesthetic look and propagate a specific theme. They also come into use during repairs where companies must maintain consistency to the original look delivered by the square headed bolts. It is however important to point out that square lag screws can also be used to achieve the same effect.With the option of utility companies ordering for cross arm or machine bolts in this form or with an added cone point, it is clear that the square bolts still have a grasp onto the market. We offer these bolts in a half through to two-inch diameter with adherence to a good percentage of the ASTM, AASHTO and SAE specifications. There also is the option of getting out of our doors with bolts having a unique head dimension or an imprint of your company logo or any other message you would like to pass across.

square-bend-hook-boltSquare bend/ hook bolts

These also come in ½” to 1 ½’ diameters and compliance to virtually any of the ASTM specifications. Just like out hook bolts, we ensure that all the manufacture and finishing, be it plain finish or hot dip galvanization are done under our roof to ensure that quality is maintained without reducing on time to delivery.

Timber Bolts

Also known as dome head, safety head, fender head or mushroom head bolts or even the economy bolts especially in the Pacific Northwest, they come in handy in marine and wood applications. To adapt them into their areas of use, they come with two nubs or fins that stop them from eating into the timber and an oversized head that doubles up as a malleable iron washer hence reducing the overall construction costs.We deliver timber bolts in the ½” to 1 ½” diameter range with compliance to most of the ASTM, AASHTO and SAE requirements. In addition to this, there is the option of producing non-standard head dimensions and using our special tools to give the heads a unique design of your choice, say your company name or logo.

U-Bolts-RoundRound bend/u-Bolts

These are best used in the attaching of pipes or steel around a rounded surface, such as wood or steel post. Apart from this, they can also be used to hang wrought iron pipes and bars during mechanical installations and constructions. Depending on the type of attachment surfaces in question, you have the option of either going for the round bend or square bend that fits on non-cylindrical surfaces more snugly.At our company, we manufacture bespoke u-bolts from ½” diameter to 4” diameter in any of the many ASTM specifications. The bolts can then come out of the factory in a plain finish or the better hot tip galvanized finish. In addition to this, we also manufacture 304 and 316 stainless steel bolts with all the steps and processes lead to the final product taking place in our factories; no outsourcing whatsoever.

Structural bolts

To accomplish strong steel to steel bindings, you have to use heavy hex structural bolts. To foster their structural strength, these bolts are shorter and comply to the A325 and A490 specifications. It is important to point out that these bolts are not for general applications. Substituting A449 for A325 or A354 grade BD for A490 should be considered. At our company, we will make you half to one half inch diameter bolts with lengths longer that those on stock.

Carriage Bolts

These are round headed square necked bolts common with wood connections. The square neck is necessary in the seating of the bolt into the hole in the wood and preventing the bolt from turning. Since they work with wood, there basically is no need to make them that strong hence come with compliance to the ASTM A307 standard.Apart from the above, we will manufacture carriage bolts within the ½” and 1 ¼’ diameter range and compliance to a good number of the ASTM, AASHTO and SAE requirements. In addition to this, we have special tools that can create non-standard head sizes or brand custom messages on the bolts head.

U-Bolts - SquareSquare bend U-Bolts

These are very convenient in the attachment of structures to square shaped posts. They can also be embedded into the concrete slabs and used as attachment points for the square bolts in the creation of foundations for structures. At our company, we manufacture them in dimensions within the ½” to 4” diameter range and compliance to virtually all of the ASTM specifications.The finish can either be a plain one or hot dip galvanization. We also manufacture stainless steel bolts that are useful in special construction operations.

Washer head bolts

These are mostly forged and are used in the pole line industry to give an increasingly bearing surface of the cross arm courtesy of the integrated washer forged onto the square head. To avoid corrosion, they are mostly used with square nuts that are hot-dip galvanized.

This special design is characterized by standard length threads in pole line fasteners that are greater in length than standard bolts attached to washer head bolts. A semi-cone shaped point is then attached to the threaded end to ease installation processes.We manufacture washer head bolts from 1/2″ size through 7/8″ size. These screws are produced to ASTM requirements A307 quality A. They are made with a square head and large washer surface area under the head. All procedures such as hot-dip galvanizing are conducted in-house.

Cocountersunk-boltuntersunk bolts

These on the other hand are used for the sake of achieving smooth surface finish. Common application are on surface that protruding joinery pieces might wreck havoc like on bridge decking, walkways and staircase railings. The dimensions that we cover are within the ½” and 1 ½” diameter range with compliance to most of the ASTM, AASHTO and SAE specifications.Most of the counter sunk bolts will come with a head angle of around 80 degrees but there is the option of choosing between one with or those without a slot in the head. You can also get your own head dimensions and a custom message printed on the bolt head.

Steel structure step bolt

Step screws are basically used as steps on steel infrastructure and electrical transmitting systems. These screws are generally offered with two A194 quality 2H large hex almonds. One nut is stiffened against the line run out. The unthreaded shank, or step length, generally varies from 6″ to 10″.We produces step screws in 5/8″ size and 3/4″ size. Our step bolts are high durability and are generally produced to ASTM requirements A449.

u-bolt-round-U-Bolt (round bend)

Round bend U-Bolts are generally used for linking tube or steel circular bar to a circular timber or steel publish. Another common application is to dangle wrought metal tube in technical set ups. They can also be included in tangible as core screws. We produces customized circular fold U-bolts from 1/2″ through 4″ diameters with compliance to almost any ASTM requirements. They are offered either simply complete or hot-dip inspired. We also produce 304 and 316 stainless-steel U-Bolts are also produced. All functions, such as the galvanizing process, are conducted in-house.


We manufacture customized J-Bolts from 1/2″ – 11/2″ size to almost any ASTM requirements. The finish can either be plain or hot dip galvanization depending on your taste and preferences. Stainless-steel J-Bolts are also created. All functions, such as the galvanizing procedure, are conducted in-house.

U-Bolts-squareU-Bolts (Square Bend)

Square curved U-Bolts are generally used for linking product to a rectangle formed publish. They can also be embedded into concrete and used in place of anchor bolts. Round bend U-bolts are also available.We manufacture and stock customized rectangle curved U-bolts from 1/2″ through 4″ across to almost any ASTM requirements, in plain finish or hot dip galvanized finishing. Stainless-steel U-Bolts are also created. All functions, such as the galvanizing procedure, are conducted in-house.