threading-machineRod Threading Capabilities

More threading choices, means quicker bolts.

After the raw content is cut to size, threads of a mechanical fastener can be created by either cutting or rolling. We can do cut threading through 6″ diameter and roll threading through an half inch radius.

Cut threading is a procedure by which metal is cut away, or actually eliminated, from a circular bar of metal to type the threads. A 1″ size secure, for example, is created by reducing threads into a complete 1″ size system of the secure.

Threading RodsRoll threading is an extrusion procedure in which metal circular bar is pressured between two dies to type the threaded part of a fastener, instead of being eliminated as in cut threading. In this procedure, a secure is created from a decreased size circular bar. For example, a 1″ size secure is created from .912″ size circular bar. This “pitch diameter” content is roughly the midpoint between the significant size (peaks) and minimal size (valleys) of the threads. The secure is “rolled” through a set of dies that displace the metal and types the threads. The result is a fastener with a complete 1″ size threaded section but a decreased system size (.912). Roll threading is an incredibly effective procedure and often results in important cost advantages.

Construction Tool Threading MachinesDie Roll Threaders : A flat die roll threader which makes threads through an extrusion procedure. In which content is pressured between two dies to make threads. Threads created on this equipment are restricted to 1″ size and 8″ long. Smooth die roll threading is the most effective production procedure for generating threads.

Vertical Flat Die Roll Threader: This roll threader allows us to generate combined threads in endless measures. Tie rods, sag rods, and flow supports for the sea market are products regularly created on this equipment.

Cut Threaders: These individual and double spindle threaders allow us to cut threads on nails from 3/8″ size through 6″ size. With so many device hours available, no order is too huge and no cause time is too short.