Hex Bolts

The Hex Bolts

hex-boltThese are bolts that derive their name from the fact that their heads have six sides. They are the first choice bolts in the fastening of forged heads in any construction. To meet these demands, we offer most of the common bolts in the standard hex head finishing. However, special heavy duty bolts like the A307 grade B, A490 and A325 lie in the heavy hex bolt category and should only be purchased after a close consultation of a comprehensive tolerance document.

We offer hex bolts in the standard ½” through to 2 ½” diameters with compliance to many of the ASTM, AASHTO and SAE guidelines. In cases where your construction needs call for bespoke designs we have tools that can provide different non generic head sizes or designs and even inscribe your company’s logo or name onto the bolts head.

Due to their versatility, these six sided head bolts can be used for different applications with wood, steel and concrete related constructions inclusive. In some circumstances, the hex bolts can also be used as substitutes for headed bolts especially if they have forged heads for extra versatility.

Heavy Duty Hex Bolts

Due to the diversity of bolt applications, some ASTM specification demand that hex head bolts have bigger hex heads. Examples of such application are the A329, A193 and the A307B bolts need high head supper heavy heads to support the heavy weight structures they are used to support. Additions to this ranking are the A325 and A490 bolts. Their shorter threaded end height however places them in a slightly different category.

In this class, we manufacture and supply a variety of bolts within the ½” to 2 ½ “diameter category. All of our bolts will conform to a good number of the ASTM, AASHTO and SAE specifications to the option of producing customized bolts with unique head sizes, designs and inscriptions.

Our Square Bolt Designs

In the recent past, square head machine bolts have been losing their popularity and preference to the more superior hex bolts. However, the square bolts still remain plastered onto surfaces that are designed to have that olden rustic look. This might be to the ends of achieve a specific look or to maintaining uniformity when repairing structures constructed using the square headed bolts. Square lag screws can also be used to the same effect with cross arm/machine bolts supplied to utility industry players with added cone points.

To suit your square bolt needs we manufacture and ship ½” to 2 ½” diameter bolts that comply to most of the ASTM, AASHTO and SAE regulations. In addition to the standard generic bolts we also have tools to produce bespoke bolt heads that will either have and inscription of your choice or a head size not covered by the regularly produced bolt heads. We also store square head blanks for the case of small orders or quick deliveries.

The Unique Round Head Bolts

Also known as button head button bolts, these round headed bolts are mostly applied in wood connections. They can be thought of as round headed bolts without the square necks under the head. The fact that they work with wood does not demand for high strength designs since wood in itself is not that strong. They mostly come in a standard ASTM A307 specification.

The round head bolts come in either 0.5 inch to 2.75” diameter bolts with that comply with a variety of ASTM, AASHTO and SAE regulations. In this case, there also is the option for customized heads that deliver larger heads or heads with customized inscriptions on the heads.