Anchor Threaded Rods

anchor bolts anchor rodsAnchor Rods

These are bolts that embed onto concrete or foundation bolts to create and attachment and support point to structural steel columns, traffic signals, highway sign structures, and industrial equipment installation among many other applications.

Rods finishing come either in plain steel or dip galvanized with even the hot dip galvanization processes being done within our facility. In addition to this, we produce or own anchor plates, both square and rectangle, punch or sheer plates with up to an inch of thickness or meet any other special needs without creating a ridiculous overall bill.

To meet your anchor threaded rod requirements, we produce rods of different lengths grades and diameters. It is however important to point out that under most circumstances, clients prefer their rods in different sizes subject to the project at hand hence making the task of settling for specific dimensions to create threaded rods for stocking hard. Regardless of where you want to use your anchor rods, we can manufacture them for you within the shortest time possible whilst complying with the dimensions and structural strength that will suit your project.

In case your requirements conform to what we have on stock, we will ship the product to you immediately. You should however know that the size or grade of your anchor threaded rods should conform to your engineer plan calculation if at all you are to set up a construction that will stand the test of time and not degrade your name with accidents occurring due to poor choice of equipment. Whatever you do, never hurry up and settle for substandard rods. Use exactly what the structure need, or more.

In Stock Anchor rods

Anchor Rods In StockMostly, anchor rods are created subject to a given project requirements meaning that we can never be in a position to predict what the market might need hence produce in bulk. In spite of all these, we keep a stock of several anchor rods of varying dimensions and grades.

Our stocked rods happen to be the standard products used in many constructions undertaken by various departments like those involved in transportation constructions, overhead signal structures and public posters. In case you have a project that complies with the anchor rods in stock, you have the opportunity of getting an immediate shipment and a chance to go on with your project without any further delays. It is still paramount that you settle for the rods that comply with the shape, size and strength that the engineering specifications of your constructions demand for.