Anchor Bolts

A wide Range of Anchor Bolts

anchor-bolts-partsOur warehouse has loads of threaded anchor rods, headed anchor bolts and bent anchor bolts that come either in the standard black color or the special galvanized models. To meet the size requirements of different customers, these pieces come in different sizes from half an inch diameters to 6 inch diameters with each size bracket complying with a variety of ASTM provisions and configurations.

Each of these bolts has different functions and come in different designs. The headed anchor bolts differ from the rest since their unthreaded end features a forged hex, a heavy hex or a square head. Their special head design allows them to hold onto concrete foundations so that they can form a firm onto which steel columns and other parts of a construction are fastened onto.

In addition to the above pieces, we also make half an inch to 2 ½ inch headed anchor bolts that comply to a variety of ASTM specifications in either plain finishes or hot-dip galvanized finishing.

Right Angled Bend Anchor Bolts


In the construction of things like highways signs and bridge rails that will experience tensional forces, the use of bent anchor bolts embedded into concrete is unavoidable if the structure is to hold its own in against the tension. The bolts bent end creates the needed tension to keep things intact.

We manufacture bent anchor bolts with a diameter anywhere between ½’’ and 4’’ with compliance to almost all the ASTM specifications. Depending on where you want to use the bent anchor bolts, they will come with a plain finish or a hot dip galvanized finish. Under special offers, we can also deliver stainless steel anchor bolts with all the processes leading to the final product taking places within our production houses.

Apart from these, we also manufacture other concrete anchor bolt configurations such like anchor rods, headed anchor bolts and swedged rods. Our inventory of ready to ship anchor bolts includes an array of anchor bolts in the ASTM grades F1554 grade36, F1554 grade 55 and A307 grade C. Though the A307 grade C bolts were discontinued in 2007 and replaced by F1154 grade 36, we can still supply them to you under special requests. This is just but a tip of an iceberg of the many anchor bolts we manufacture and have on stock.

Headed Anchor Bolts

headed-anchor-boltOne thing that makes headed anchor bolts a different stock from the other anchor bolts is that their unthreaded end has a forged hex, heavy hex or a square head. This head comes in handy when securing heavy structures to concrete bases. It attaches to the concrete leaving the threaded side open for the attachment of the other end of the structure to be pinned onto the concrete slab. On stock are bolts complying with ASTM F1554, A449 and A307. We have these bolts within the ½’’ and 2 ½’’ diameter range with the option of plain or hot dip galvanized finishes.

We stock F1554 grade 36 hex head anchor bolts with a forged hex head rather than the inferior tack welded nuts ready for shipment on demand. A wider range of the F1554 grade 36 headed anchor bolts also exists in either plain terminated plain or a galvanized one.

A good application of the Galvanized bolts would be in the substitution for galvanized anchor bolts since they are faster to use. However, if the substitution cannot be takes, we can always deliver F1554 grade 36 headed anchor bolts with a plain black finishing. It is however important to point out the fact that all our stock F1554 headed anchor bolts come with a standard 6” threaded section.