About Us



Experience, quality and customer service are the three tiers of Construction Tool and Threading Company’s business. CT & T has served the construction industry since 1942 in custom manufacturing anchoring systems for highway, building and other large construction projects. Our specialized anchor bolts, J and U-bolts, tie rod assemblies, rods and studs are used by companies like Fluor Daniel, Ralph M. Parsons, Betchtel and the L.A. County Department of Airports. Those companies demand the best products in the business and CT & T products are quality engineered to exceed industry and government standards.


While our products are normally a small portion of constuction budgets, anchoring systems are applied at a critical juncture in the building process. Problems with those systems can cause very costly down-time. Thats why we pre-fit, pre-test and pre-assemble our products before shipping them to the site. Simply put, CT & T products eliminate many common problems associated with anchoring systems.



Within our Rancho Cucamonga, California, facility, we maintain an extensive inventory of raw materials, including stainless and pre-heat treated alloys. Maintaining these levels in-house, along with standard construction grade materials, secure the fastest turnaround time for your orders- potentially cutting days from our production schedule. We pride ourselves in our ability to dovetail into any project timeline, and at Construction tool and threading, we’ll do our part to help make your site run smoothly and efficiently.