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Anchor Bolts

We warehouse in excess of 2 million pounds of steel, threaded anchor rods, headed anchor bolts and bent anchor bolts. All available with a standard black “mill” finish as well as a variety of other protective finishes to meet you projects requirements. To ensure we can meet the size requirements of our customers, we stock most materails in sizes ranging from 1/4 inch diameter 4 inch diameter. Usually in 1/8 inch increments. With each size and material complying with a variety of ASTM, AISI, AASHTO SAE, UNS, and IFI provisions and specifications.


Once the details of your order are received and confirmed, material meeting your requirements is identified and pulled from stock. It’s then cut to length and threaded according to the requirements set forth for your project. This may be accomplished by either a cut threading process or a roll threading process depending upon your chosen material, and project requirements. We can thread round bar from 6mm diameter through 6 inch diameter. Rebar up to #18J or 2 1/4 inch diameter. Cut threading is a process by which metal is cut away from solid bar. Leaving behind a fully formed thread. Roll threading by comparison, is a process by which a smaller diameter bar is “squeezed” between thread forming dies. This process displaces the material into the dies rather than remove material as in the cut threading process

Bolts & Nuts

We manufacture bolts from ½” diameter to 4” diameter in any of the many ASTM specifications. The bolts can be in a plain finish or the better hot tip galvanized finish. In addition to this, we also manufacture 304 and 316 stainless steel bolts with all the steps and processes lead to the final product taking place in our facility.

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Extensive Inventory

Machine Shop Facilities

Our Bell Gardens, CA. facility maintains an extensive inventory of raw materials including stainless and pre-heat treated alloys. Maintaining these levels in-house, along with standard construction materials, ensures the fastest turnaround time for your orders. Potentially cutting days from our production schedule. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and our ability to dovetail into your project timeline. Steels: 1020 • 1045 • 4140H.T. • A36 • A307 • A449 • A572 • A588 • A193 • A354 • GR60 & GR75 Rebar
Non-Ferrous: T303 • T304 • T316
Stainless Steels. Brass, Bronze, and Monel

All Available: 1/4″ Thru 4″ Diameter

√ Threading to 4 1/4″ Diameter
√ Bending To 3″ Diameter
√ Complete Tie Rod Assemblies To 4″ Diameter
√ Turnbuckles & Forged Clevises To 4″ Diameter
√ Manhole Ladder Rungs
√ All Products Are Available Galvanized or Plated